Client Testimonials

StuffIt users share their stories with us

Vivian Host

I work at a magazine and the technology is always changing...  and breaking. But StuffIt is one technology that we've been using for the last seven years and it's still going strong. It nearly never crashes, and it's become the standard when you need to zip and unzip files quickly and accurately. Now that our email server will only accept 35 MB files, we are Stuffing stuff more than ever, from photo shoots to proofs to albums. And since our contributors work on all different platforms, StuffIt is the standard - you can be sure that you will always be able to open files that were zipped with StuffIt. I once looked in my Finder window and I had sent and received 25 different Stuffed files within four hours.

Joseph E Lovett

I regularly must send large data files between research partners. I mean 8 to 10 million records. Even under the best FTP situation this would mean sitting and watching that little bar creep across  the bottom of the  screen. This really wasn't too bad, I developed the habit of going to get a cup of coffee. Thanks to StuffIt my transfer is now sometimes done before I can return with a fresh cup of coffee. My solution? Move the coffee pot closer. If SutffIt compresses files any smaller, I will have to move the dougnuts closer too!

Rosanne M Henry

I use stuff-it for one reason. IT works like a charm. It's hands down the easiest program to learn and the most dependable. Never in the 5+ years I've been using your program has it froze.  Or crashed my PC. Now that's what I call reliable.

Jason Jeong

It was crunch time on a group project for a multimedia class and one of the group members was out of town and hadn't sent in his portion of the project. We had some issues with getting his portion since they were large media files so we started to try every compression program out there so that he could efficiently send the file over. We had problems with program incompatibility over platforms and filters that would block ZIP files. We turned to StuffIt and it did the job perfectly! We were able to compress it effectively and sent it over the network. It saved us time and headaches!    

Mirko Kranenburg

We live in a time where more and more people are switching computer-platforms, software. Standards are emerging, but flexibility and capability to access legacy data is and will stay a must. StuffIt has always been the companion of choice, starting with System 7 on my Macintosh Classic, but later also when I started working on Windows NT systems and later. I still prefer the .sit or even better the .sitx format for peace of mind archiving. It is robust and more cross platform than .zip, if you want to be sure all aspects of your files, including meta-data survive the trip. Friends are tooling on original iMacs set me their .sit files, and I can deal with them. Someone wants a .zip file? StuffIt to the rescue. But most importantly: when I send larger collections of files to my uncle, who is literate enough to start the computer, but cannot be bothered to select decompressing software, I can use self expanding archives. I have done so for years, and it always works. PC or Mac. He bought and installed StuffIt for Windows, by the way. "This stuff does make sense. I need drag and drop, you see?" That is StuffIt for me!

Eric Hartmann

I've been using StuffIt for a little over a year and every time we've used it at work, everybody is amazed as to the compression size even though the files are ENORMOUS.  My friend turned me to My Smith Micro about a year ago and I had always heard about StuffIt, but never thought about purchasing.  The products are great and I feel is a great asset to our company and our ability to get big video files across our network from the east coast to the west coast.  In the video industry our file sizes can go from 100MB for a small file to well over 5GB for 30 minutes of HD video.  Our transfer times have been cut nearly in half due to the amazing compression that StuffIt does for us.  I don't know it compresses so much FAR beyond what similar programs offer.  When people ask me, "How in the world did you send me that 32MB file and get it compressed to 9.3MB??" I tell them to go to StuffIt's website and look at how cheap the program is for what a HUGE deal it saves on hard drive space and makes it MUCH easier to get around the small attachment  file restrictions of some free  internet email companies.    Without StuffIt, I'd have to use the Mac's built-in compressor which just doesn't cut it in the video industry with massive file sizes.

John Ballantine

It was a couple of years ago at an Atlanta ad agency when I was under a super, crazy, tight deadline. Four brochures were needed to be at the printer by the end of the business day - no excuses.   StuffIt (can't remember the version) came through in a pinch and saved my bacon and then some. StuffIt compressed the Quark files, multiple (large) Photoshop files, Illustrator files & many fonts down into several, manageable email files for the printer. The compressed files were then sent via FTP to the printer by 6 PM and the deadline was met. Mission accomplished!  I don't know how StuffIt works, but it really works well. Thank you so much!

Michael Ziobrowski

I'm both a Graphic Designer and an Electronic Musician, so there isn't a day that goes by that StuffIt Deluxe doesn't come in handy for me at any given moment.  One example occurred just recently, in mid October of this past year. I had to get both the final audio mix downs for my recently produced album, along with the cover art I had just finished, over to the label before midnight. It was 11:30 p.m., and I just got the call. As you can imagine, this left hardly any time to gather files and start emailing them one at a time. It would never work.  It dawned on me in almost an instant, "this shouldn't really be much of a problem." I had StuffIt Deluxe installed on my Macbook Pro. I immediately created two folders on my desktop, labeled them and began loading them each with the necessary audio and print files, right clicked my mighty mouse and selected the option to archive.   Just a few moments later I'm attaching my stuffed folders into my g-mail and sending everything off to the label. All this information was being sent over in just one shot, and all in time for deadline, with time to spare.