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StuffIt SDK Specifications:

Windows: NT, 2000, XP, Vista

Visual Studio 2008 Version 9.0

Mac OS X 10.4 and later

StuffIt InstallerMaker Specifications:

Current Version: 8.0 build 28

Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher Mac OS 10.4 ("Tiger") compatible. Can build installers for Mac OS 8.1 and higher (though v7.1.2 is often preferable for Classic Mac OS installers*).

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StuffIt Wireless

StuffIt® Wireless is a revolutionary patented breakthrough in image compression. Users of camera-enabled handsets can compress JPEGs by up to another 30 percent with no additional loss in quality.

Carriers Can Increase Network Efficiency

  • StuffIt images use up to 30% less bandwidth than traditional JPEGs
  • Allows repurposing of bandwidth for higher margin services
  • Smaller file sizes translate into lower storage costs for MMS messages on your wireless network

Handset Manufacturers Can Offer Customers Greater Value

  • Reduce memory hardware costs by maximizing use of limited memory
  • Improve battery life by transferring files more quickly

End Users Can Manage More Media

  • Smaller images can be transferred more quickly, allowing you to use your phone for other purposes
  • Reduced image sizes allow more photos to fit on a handset without sacrificing quality
  • More room on your device allows you to store music, video and other multimedia files

Key Features of Our Patented Image Compression

  • Compresses JPEG images by up to 30 percent with no loss in image quality
  • Compresses movies and music in addition to images
  • Compresses handset resource files
  • Provides lossless 24 bit image compression to bypass JPEG loss completely

A Custom Solution Easy to Integrate With Your Wireless Infrastructure

  • A BREW application to compress images generated by camera-enabled handsets
  • A compression library to be implemented into existing software solutions
  • A hardware implementation allowing JPEG compression to be integrated at the chipset level

How StuffIt Wireless Further Compresses JPEG Images

For more details about the technology and licensing opportunities, download the StuffIt Wireless White Paper.

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