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"I could not imagine a computer life without StuffIt. I work a lot with media and music libraries for multimedia production and organize my huge amount of audio samples with StuffIt libraries. In no time it is possible to organize pack or unpack these samples using stuff it. The best really is StuffIt allows you to pick individual files from the archive and temporarily unpack and preview it without doing that to the whole library. Transferring archives between various packing formats is also no problem and of course doing that between PC and MAC platforms. For me StuffIt is an everyday tool I won't miss!

Compress & Open Files Including...
Zip (.zip) StuffIt (.sit & .sitx)
RAR (.rar) 7z (.7z)
TAR (.tar) LZMA (.lzma)
Compressed Tar (.tgz, .tbz, .tz, tlzma)
CAB (.cab) yEnc (.yenc)
BinHex (.hqx) MacBinary (.bin)
MIME (.mme) GZip (.gz)
Bzip & Bzip2 (.bz, .bz2)
UUEncode (.uu, .uue) LHa (.lzh, .lha)
ARC (.arc)
and more...
Features & Benefits
Easily Compress & Expand Zip, StuffIt and More!
Patented Technology for Best Compression of JPEGs, PDFs, MP3s and Others
Save Hard Disk Space with Smaller Files
Secure Your Private Data with Strong 512-bit RC4 encryption
Backup Your Important Data and Protect Against Data Corruption

StuffIt Deluxe archives, protects and secures your stuff better than ever before.

Not only can you use StuffIt Deluxe 2009 to open compressed files or create your own space- and time-saving archives, you can use StuffIt Deluxe 2009 to manage, protect, backup and secure your data! StuffIt's advanced compression technology saves space with no loss in information quality.

Exclusive StuffIt technology delivers greater efficiency.

An industry leader, only StuffIt offers newly-patented technology that provides 100% pixel-perfect compression of 24-bit images, including TIFFs, PNGs, BMPs and GIFs. In addition to its award-winning compression technology, StuffIt's fantastic workflow features enable you to work faster and smarter, whether you're using StuffIt to backup important files or send documents over the Internet. Simply click, drag and drop; StuffIt will take care of the rest. Over 10 million Mac users world-wide!

  • Safely Store Your Files
    You may be protected from viruses and spyware but are you ready if your hard drive crashes? What if you lose your computer to fire, water damage or theft? These scenarios could happen to anyone and can be devastating especially since most people do not make regular backups of their files. StuffIt Deluxe can help by making it easy for you to back up your important data on CD/DVD, portable storage devices or FTP location.
  • Maximize Storage Capacity
    Stuffit Deluxe 2009 creates more room on your hard drive by creating smaller archives of typically large files like MP3s, videos, photos and more. Only StuffIt has the ability to compress JPEG photo files by an average of 20 to 30 percent and MP3s by 10 to 15 percent. Store more photos and music on your Mac!
  • Enhanced Security
    Not only does StuffIt Deluxe make it easy for you to archive your files, it offers the added security layer of encryption. That means that you can store and back up important data on your hard drive, to CD/DVD or portable storage device knowing that only you have access via a password of your choosing
  • Makes Backing Up Data Easy
    StuffIt Deluxe offers features that makes data back up easier than ever:
    • Automate repetitive tasks like data storage, compression, and sending/transfer.
    • Archive directly to CDs and DVDs - large files will automatically span multiple disks.
    • Find what you need quickly thanks to our Spotlight and Quick Look plugins.

Integrate and simplify

StuffIt Droplets - Speed up your workflow: Create unique compression and destination settings, and assign them to a Droplet. Dragging files and folders to that Droplet will create an archive using the settings you've specified. You can make as many unique Droplets as you wish. Also, you can use Droplets even if StuffIt is not already running, just save your Droplet to the Desktop, or any convenient place on your system and then drag files and folders to the Droplet icon anytime. StuffIt will process the files without launching the full StuffIt application.

Compress files by up to 98% of their original size. StuffIt's advanced MP3, PDF and Image compression enhancements that saves more space than ever before.


  • NEW! Duplicate Folding = smaller archives
  • NEW! Expand 7-Zip archives
  • NEW! Expand segmented Zip archives
  • Patented 24-bit image compression
  • TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP compressors
  • Optimized compressors for PDF, MP3
  • Re-compress Zips and MS Office 2008 docs
  • Compress JPEG photos up to 30%
  • Create StuffIt, Zip and TAR archives
  • Fully compatible with Windows archives
  • Browse archives without expanding
  • Preview thumbnails of archived images
  • Add, delete, and change files in archives
  • Save searches with StuffIt Collections
  • Expand encrypted Zip archives
  • Expand 30 compression formats!


  • Built in FTP, email and MobileMe file transfers
  • Split files apart to fit email size limits


  • NEW! Preview archives within TimeMachine
  • Backup directly to FTP, your MobileMe iDisk, or to multiple CDs and DVDs
  • Restore files to original locations
  • Email backup activity logs
  • Backup with admin privileges


  • Strong 512-bit and AES 256-bit encryption
  • Built-in protection against data corruption
  • Encrypt StuffIt and Zip files


  • NEW! Peer in archives with Quick Look plugin
  • NEW! Browse archives in the Finder like disks
  • Multi-processor and multi-core enabled

Expansion Support
Supported Formats Typical Filename Extension
StuffIt X archives - .sitx
StuffIt X Index Archives - .sidx
StuffIt 5 and older StuffIt archives - .sit
StuffIt 5 and older Mac Self-Extracting archives - .sea
Zip archives - .zip (including encrypted and Zip64 archives)
Windows Self-Extracting archives - .exe (created with StuffIt for Windows or Windows Zip utilities)
RAR archives - .rar (including encrypted archives)
TAR archives - .tar
Tarballs (Compressed TAR archives)
Gzip Compressed Tar - .tar.gz, .tgz, .taz
Bzip Compressed Tar -, .tbz
Bzip2 Compressed Tar - .tar.bz2, .tbz2
UNIX Compressed Tar - .tar.Z, .tz
LZMA Compressed Tar - .tar.lzma, .tlzma
7Zip archives - .7z
Compact Pro archives - .cpt (including self-extracting archives)
Windows CAB Files - .cab
Lha archives - .lha, .lzh
Arj archives - .arj
Arc archives - .arc
Comic Book Archives
CBZ - .cbz
CBR - .cbr
CBT - .cbt
CB7 - .cb7
Supported Formats Typical Filename Extension
StuffIt X segments - .part01.sitx, .part02.sitx, etc.
StuffIt 5 and older segments - .sit.1, .sit.2, etc.
Zip segments - .z01, .z02, etc.
Split Archives - .001, .002, etc. (used by some Zip, Rar and 7Zip implementations)
Compressed Files
Supported Formats Typical Filename Extension
StuffIt SpaceSaver compressed files n/a
gzip compressed files - .gzip, .gz
bzip compressed files - .bzip, .bz
bzip2 compressed files - .bzip2, .bz2
UNIX compressed files - .z, .Z
lzma compressed files - .lzma
Encoded Files
Supported Formats Typical Filename Extension
AppleSingle encoded files n/a
Binhex encoded files - .hqx
MacBinary encoded files - .bin
UUencode encoded files - .uu, .uue
Base64/MIME encoded files - .b64, .mme, .mime
yEncode encoded files - .yenc, .ync
BtoAText encoded files - .b2a, .btoa
Encoded Archives
Supported Formats Typical Filename Extension
Binhex encoded StuffIt X archives - .sitx.hqx
Binhex encoded StuffIt archives - .sit.hqx
Binhex encoded Self-Extracting archives - .sea.hqx
MacBinary encoded StuffIt X archives - .sitx.bin
MacBinary Encoded StuffIt archives - .sit.bin
MacBinary encoded Self-Extracting archives - .sea.bin
UUencode encoded Zip archives - .zip.uu, .zip.uue
Supported Formats Typical Filename Extension
PrivateFile encrypted files - .pf

StuffIt® Standard 2009
Basic expansion and compression.

Create and access email attachments and downloads, protect data, transfer files.

  • Expand over 25 file formats
  • Compress MP3s, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP, PDF, JPEG
  • Encryption security and password protection
  • Send and transfer via email or FTP

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System Requirements: Mac OS 10.4 or later. StuffIt for Windows is multi-lingual and supports the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

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