StuffIt Expander® is always free to use whether you download it separately or as an included feature of StuffIt® or StuffIt Deluxe®. Expander allows you to access StuffIt files, uncompress Zip archives, decompress tar, gzip and bzip archives, and more. Just drag, drop, and you're done! All StuffIt Mac products require Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and are OS X Mavericks compatible.

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Expander, StuffIt & StuffIt Deluxe feature comparison
Standard Archive Tasks StuffIt Expander  StuffIt Deluxe StuffIt
Open Zip archives
Open StuffIt X archives
Open Encrypted Zip archives
Open RAR archives
Open TAR archives (including compressed TAR)
Open 7Zip archives
Open 25 more formats
Create Zip archives  
Create Encrypted Zips  
Create StuffIt X archives  
Create archives with strong encryption  
Browse archive contents    
Add files to an existing archive    
JPEG compression  
MP3 compression    
PDF compression    
TIF, PNG, and BMP compression  
MS Office document compression  
Compression of WAV audio files  
Archive Destinations StuffIt Expander  StuffIt Deluxe StuffIt
StuffIt Destinations (Mac Only)
Custom Drag & Drop Tool
Compress and send via email
Compress and FTP
Compress and burn to CD/DVD
Compress and send to MobileMe℠ iDisk® (Mac Only)
Automatically redirect large files to SendStuffNow (SmartSend)  
Automatically redirect large files from email to FTP (SmartSend)  
Automatically redirect large files from email to MobileMe (SmartSend Mac Only)  
Back Up StuffIt Expander  StuffIt Deluxe StuffIt
Back up only recently changed files  
Schedule automatic backups  
Back up across multiple CDs/DVDs  
Integration StuffIt Expander  StuffIt Deluxe StuffIt
Finder Menu bar integration (MagicMenu Mac Only)  
Plug-in for iPhoto® Mac Only    
Plug-in for Aperture™ Mac Only    
Automator Plug-in Mac Only    
Photoshop Plug-in Windows Only    
MS Office Plug-ins Windows Only    
Integrated with SendStuffNow file delivery service