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Only: $29.99

Upgrades available: $14.99

StuffIt for Macintosh

With StuffIt Destinations - File Delivery Toolbar

StuffIt comes with StuffIt Destinations™, the amazing free-your-brain, save-your-time, drag-and-drop-and-it's-done file delivery toolbar. Completely customizable to allow you to create personal destination tiles or "desktop droplets" for any delivery location and packaging preference. Create both ZIP and SITX archives, encrypted or not. Upload to FTP, MobileMe, or SendStuffNow, burn to CD/DVD or attach to email with a simple drag-and-drop!

Also includes StuffIt Expander which will open compressed and encoded attachments and file downloads in over 30 different formats including StuffIt, Zip, RAR and Tar.

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Minimum System Requirements
• Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. OS Mavericks compatible.
• Multi-language - English, German and Japanese.
• Free 30-Day Trial Available (Shareware)

StuffIt Destinations

File Packaging & Delivery Made Dead-Simple and Lightning-Quick!

We rarely JUST want to compress some files, we almost ALWAYS want it to go somewhere, or to someone. StuffIt Destinations takes care of the whole task simply by dragging files onto the right destination tile. It packages the files AND delivers them to a pre-set destination.

Keep the StuffIt Destinations tool bar floating in a corner on your desktop and you'll have instant access to compress and send your files any way and anywhere you want them to go.

Compress and send to FTP, iDisk, email, SendStuffNow, a disk image, an external hard drive, MobileMe, or a CD/DVD drive simply by dragging your files onto the respective Destination

Create Personal Destination Tiles - StuffIt, Zip or Tar Compression

Add as many custom tiles as you want to the StuffIt Destinations toolbar. Just click on the "plus" button on the right and choose a destination type, an archive type, with or without encryption, and if you want to be notified when the action is complete you can also choose a notification option.

fully customizable destination tiles - set package or compression and destination type

FTP, and MobileMe and DVD! Oh My! - Lots of Destination Options and Settings

Maybe you're a marketing person that shares files via FTP or a cloud-storage service every week. Or maybe you're the kind of person who does a weekly backup (smart guy/gal!) and burns it to DVD for extra security. There are lots of day-to-day common file delivery tasks that can be made SUPER simple with StuffIt Destinations.

Even something as detailed as an FTP server account can be set up as a destination tile.

create an ftp tile complete with full server access settings

Or Create Desktop Droplets - Same Drag-and-Drop Convenience

Maybe you don't want to keep the toolbar visible on your desktop, you just want one simple shortcut to package and deliver a set of files to someone or some place you frequently send things too. You have the option to create a desktop "droplet" from any of your destination tiles in the toolbar. Just right-click on the tile, and follow the promps to make a "droplet".

create a custom droplet for your desktop

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