StuffIt Installation

This covers over 95% of the issues seen during installation on Mac or Windows. Before we go any further, we need to make sure that we have the correct version of StuffIt for your computer and that your serial number (if applicable) matches the version you have. CLICK HERE to check this FIRST! While the versions below are compatible, we always recommend having the latest version that will work on your computer. Otherwise we could be spending time trying to fix something that will never work.

Serial Number is Not Working OR My Software is in Demo Mode

Most of Smith Micro's software needs to be "activated" before you can actually use it. Sometimes you may receive limited time trial warnings until you activate it. During the installation of our software you will see that it asks you for your name, organization, and a serial number or registration code. Inserting this code is what "activates" the software.

If you got to this point and either did not know what to put in this box or you put it in and it did not work and continued the installation anyway, then the software will either be in DEMO mode or it will not run at all. This is easy to resolve however. If you purchased this in a store or had us send you the CD (rather than download it) then the white sleeve that originally held the CD will have a sticker on the back of it with this code on it.

If you downloaded the software from our website, then either the email we sent or the link we sent you will have this number in it. So, the next time your run the software and it states that you are in DEMO mode or that it's expired, click the button that says "Enter Serial/Registration number" and insert this code at this time. (If you downloaded the software and don't have the serial number CLICK HERE to locate it.)

Files Aren't Getting Smaller with StuffIt

A lot of files these days are already compressed like MP3, MP4, MOV, PDF, AI, files and many more. If the program that makes those files compresses them as well, there won't be a lot of juice to squeeze from the fruit.

Mac Basics

StuffIt for Mac helps you compress and open ZIP, StuffIt (SIT), and StuffIt X (SITX) files. In addition, it opens 7Zip, RAR, and 21 other encoding and compression formats. Being simple to use is what we focus on when building StuffIt for our customers! CLICK HERE if you are having troubles getting the software to install properly.

StuffIt Destinations is the program to use when you want to MAKE a ZIP or SITX archive, a disk image, or CD/DVD copy. It's also useful in getting your files to where they need to go, such as FTP or an email recipient. Simply drag the file or folder you want to compress to the icon representing the destinations and file format you wish to make. (ZIP is good for Windows users, but doesn't get very good compression. SITX has great compression and the receiver of this file needs to have our free StuffIt Expander installed to open it.)